Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Please Welcome My Special Guest, Author, Lizzie Stevens!

Good Morning Readers,
Today's special guest is romance author, Lizzie Stevens. Please a comment so Lizzie will know you dropped in to scope out her new book.

About Lizzy:

I have been writing for many years but never really got up the nerve to publish any of my books until around 2008. Then I finally jumped in and did it :). I'm married and the mother of two wonderful boys. My oldest will be 11 in a couple of weeks and my youngest is 7. My family is my biggest supporters in my writing.
 I remember one time my oldest son had a report to do at school and the teacher asked him who his favorite author was. He said "Well, my mom of course." That just made my heart melt :) You can always count on your children to brighten your day.

A Surprise For Christmas/By Lizzie Stevens/This work previously published under the title, Somebody Else's Child and won 4th place in the Love Is In The Air Contest hosted by Reader Jack.

Samantha wasn’t expecting what she got for Christmas this year. Her doorbell rang and there sitting on her porch was a baby in a basket. This changes her life for the good. But then something happens. The baby’s father comes for his child. How can Samantha convince him that she is the best thing for the child?


The wind was howling across the moonlit sky. The temperature was dropping vastly outside of Samantha Smith's house as she stood in her kitchen making hot cocoa. Christmas would be on her doorstep in a matter of days. She had spent most of her adult life alone, never really finding true love. As she walked to the window to look out, she saw the Christmas star in the sky. She smiled as she thought to herself. I wonder if I make a wish for true love, will it come true. Samantha picked up a throw off the chair and walked to the couch to get comfortable for the night.
            As she snuggled in for the night to watch television, she heard the doorbell ring. Samantha walked over to the door and looked out the peephole. She didn't see anybody, but she thought she would open the door to be sure. There in the middle of her porch in an infant seat was a new born baby.