Sunday, June 29, 2014


Hi Readers,
I hope you'll enjoy this snippet from a WIP I hope to have published by 2015.

Kadence tore off her gloves and dropped them in the trash receptacle in the nearby corner and turned to face her. “He had no I.D. Some homeless person called the police complaining that a stranger stole his cardboard box house. The body was found behind a dumpster in the alley in said box, an old blanket tossed over him. I couldn't determine how long he’d been dead because his liver temperature was ice cold, as if he’d been in a freezer. There’s no apparent cause of death…so far.” She paused, then grinned. “You need to check out his package, sis.”
Ginger frowned. “His package? Where…” She glanced around looking for a wrapped gift.
Kadence giggled. “Not that kind of package. That kind.” She pointed to the center of the draped body. She shook her fingers as if they were scorched. “Wow!” she mouthed.
“For God’s sake,” Ginger snapped. “I hope you two haven’t been inappropriate. Corpses deserve their privacy and respect just like the living.” Knowing her sisters, especially these two, one could never be sure. Daredevils to the tips of their Reeboks, they were also big pranksters. She couldn't count the times they’d pulled hoaxes on her, leaving her with the proverbial egg on her face.
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