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Please Welcome Romance Author, Drea Layne

Good Morning Readers,
I hope you're all having a super Holiday Season! Today I have a very special romance author who has a wicked sense of humor. Please make her feel welcome and leave her some comments....Tabs

Good Morning Readers,
First I want to thank Tabitha Shay for having me on her blog today!
Today I am visiting to share with you all my new Christmas book, Rudolf & Dancer, which is part of the Reindeer Games anthology between the Wickedly Sexy Writers. It was a complete pleasure working with these ladies on these stories and I couldn't be more excited to show you my little piece of this great set of stories!
For those who know me well I'm a very outspoken person at times. More like I have no filter between my brain and my mouth. LOL!
I try to curb my less “flavorable” thoughts and keep them to myself but it never seems to turn out quite right. I have a wicked sense of twisted humor that only many get and receive well. As a writer I love to put my wicked sense of humor in my stories as much as possible and Rudolf & Dancer is no exception too this rule.
For example did you know that a meadow in the middle of the woods has bees! Oh yes they sure do. And we all know what happens when you are bare @$$ neekid and rolling around in the grass and stumble upon a bee, right? Yep one of my characters finds themselves in this very situation in my newest release.
Make sure you check out my story, Rudolf & Dancer, coming December 17, 2012 from Secret Cravings Publishing.


After years away from home, her brother’s freak accident brings Donna Dancer home to the man who broke her heart. Time hasn't diminished the lust and love, and emotions can’t be denied. Donna is sick of playing reindeer games with her mate, Paul Rudolf, but there are only so many rejections a girl can take.
It takes a dedicated man to lead the group of reindeer shifters responsible for bringing joy to millions of children, and Paul takes his job very seriously. Women were nothing more than a distraction he doesn't need, but he now finds himself feeling lonely and hating the job he’s loved for so long. Rejecting Donna was the one decision he regrets more and more with each passing day.
Will this Christmas be as lonely as the rest? Or will Paul and Donna finally find holiday bliss in each others arms.
All Paul could manage was a grunt of agreement as he pulled gently from the sanctuary of her body. After one last kiss to her lips, he pushed off her body and rolled to the side, allowing his body to flop down on the ground at her side.
 Staring at the clear sky, he quietly soaked in the sun as he tried desperately to get his
emotions and body under control. Minutes went by as they both shared the space in silence. That
is, until Paul felt a sharp pain in his ass, causing him to yelp. Immediately, he jumped up and
turned in circles, trying to see the source of his pain.
 “I think a bee just stung me in the ass.”
 Laughter filled his ears as his mate fell over in a gale of giggles. Tears streamed down her
cheeks as the mirth broke from her body.
 “This isn't funny. I think the stinger is still stuck in there.”
 Her laughter renewed as she clutched her sides. If he weren't in so much pain, he would have
taken the time to enjoy the sounds of her laughter. After a few minutes, Donna settled enough to
move to her knees and motion for him turn around.
 “I don't see anything. Where’d that big bad bee sting you?”
 Pointing to the affected area, Paul stared straight ahead, waiting for the pain he knew was to
come as she pulled the stinger out. Luckily, he wasn't allergic or this situation would have gone from funny to dire. The feel of her full lips on his ass took him by surprise. Turning to look over
his shoulder, he caught just enough of a glimpse of her kissing his ass before she pulled away
and rose to her feet.
 “There, all better.”
 “I have something else that hurts. Do you wanna kiss it better?” Wiggling his eyebrows
suggestively, Paul turned to face her as his cock started to come alive again.
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Good Morning Readers,
On Dec. 21st, Romance authors, Dawne Prochillo, Sherry Gloag, myself, and who knows who else might drop by, will be having a chat at the Coffee Time Romance Erotic E-loop for a two hour chat from 6-8pm EST.
Join us for some great blurbs, excerpts, and contests. We'll be here and if you haven't joined, now's the time to do so. You don't want to miss this event.
See you there, Dec. 21st at 6pm EST....Tabs/Jaydyn

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Please Welcome, the fantastic romance author, Jillian Chantal!

Good Morning Readers,
Please make welcome, the fantastic romance author and my friend, Jillian Chantal. Leave her a comment for a chance to win an E-copy of her wonderful book, The Tainted Keitre. 
 Bio: Jillian Chantal is from the Gulf Coast of Florida, where she loves to read and when she can't find the right story to read, to write it herself. She’s multi-published and loves to hear from readers.

Today I’m thrilled to be over here at Tabs’ blog to talk a bit about my newest release with Sweet Cravings Publishing- the not so naughty side of Secret Cravings Publishing. This story, called The Tainted Keitre, is set in New Orleans in the summer time which if you’re in colder climes than mine this time of year may make you a little bit warmer as you cozy up by the fire. I hope so anyway.
 This story focuses on Amina McDonough and Anton Benoit. He’s a New Orleans detective and she works in a library.  She’s best friends with his sister and has been crushing on him for years. What she sees as the main impediment to their relationship is he likes women with big breasts and well, she’s got what she calls mosquito bites.
This excerpt is near the beginning of the story where they’re both at a party for their friend who has recently passed the exam to be a palm reader. If you've ever been to New Orleans, you’ll be familiar with the various seers and palm readers in Jackson Square. I live around 2.5 hours from there and I love to visit the city. I hope this story speaks to the readers like New Orleans speaks to me. Oh, and if you’re wondering what a Tainted Keitre is, it’s the Bigfoot of the south also known as The Honey Island Swamp Monster.
 To celebrate that it’s the Christmas season, I’ll give away a free ebook of The Tainted Keitre to one commenter who shares their favorite Christmas song with me.  I’ll start. I love “Do you hear what I hear?”
 Amina headed straight to the big cooler where the beer was iced down and the wines were arrayed on a sideboard. She grabbed a glass and pulled a bottle of pinot grigio off the table. She poured herself some and moved over to stand to the side and check out who was in the crowd.
In a moment, she felt something cold on her back and let out a little scream. She turned around. “Ah, you bum, that was cold. Ice cold, even.”
Anton Benoit bowed. “Sorry, you looked hot.” He held up his dark brown bottle of beer, “I thought there was no better way to cool off than with a cold brew.”
“I think it’s meant to be taken internally, not rubbed up and down someone’s spine.” She grinned, “Although, now that you mention it, that did feel pretty good.”
“Turn around.” He twirled his finger and she faced away from him.
As soon as her back was to him, he ran the bottle over her bare shoulders and down her back again. She shuddered; not from the coolness of the beer, but from the nearness of him. Her nipples taut, she forced herself not to lean back into him since he had rejected her before. She said in a light tone, “Where is Titsy this evening?”
“Totsy. Her name is Totsy and you know it.”
“Yeah. It’s Totsy, but you have to admit, she is titsy.” Amina turned to face Anton. “Of course, that’s a requirement for you, isn’t it?”
“No. It’s not. It just happened to work out that way.” He grinned and ran his index finger down the side of Amina’s arm.
Ignoring his comment since he did always date women with large breasts, she asked, “Where is she?”
“She couldn't make it. She had somewhere else she needed to be tonight.”
So that’s why he came over to stand with me. No date, let’s hang with my sister’s best friend. Amina looked up into Anton’s dark grey eyes and tried to concentrate. Dang. Why did he have to be some handsome? And so unavailable. She stiffened her spine. “I can’t play nursemaid since Titsy couldn't make it. I find myself suddenly in need of some boiled shrimp. I’ll see you later.”
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Twitter: Jillianchantal
FaceBook: Jillian Chantal

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Good Morning Readers,
Like a little magic in your romance? Who doesn't? Today's special guest, the fabulous Australian Fantasy Romance Author, Julie D'Arcy. Julie has years of experience as both an author and a publisher, although these days she's retired from the publishing world, you can't go wrong with one of her fantastic books. Please show some love and leave Julie a comment.

About the Author:
Lives in Wangaratta, North East Victoria, Australia with her life partner Philip and her spoiled Tonkanese cat Jessalyn. Julie attended Monash University in Melbourne, Australia where she majored in Art and Design. She started writing at 38 when she became disenchanted with the books on offer to read. So wrote a book combining her two favorite genres, Fantasy and Romance and has not looked back since.
 Julie’s first two novels Time of the Wolf  and Silverdawn were first published in 1999 and 2000 and Shortlisted for several prestigious awards, including the PEARL and Sapphire, with Time of the Wolf winning the 1999 RIO (Reviewers International, Dorothy Parker Award) in the Fantasy category for Women’s Fiction. Both books were also runners up in the prestigious Australian, RUBY* Award run by the Australian RWA.
 Julie began writing seriously in 1994, and is the author of a series of Fantasy romance novels based in her fictional medieval world of Tarlis. The first book, The Dragon and the Rose will be the next book released by Secret Cravings Publishing.
 Julie has written for such publishers as ImaJinn Books, Mundania Press, Eternal Press, Moongypsy Press, Noble Romance Publishing and is now proud to be part of  Secret Cravings Publishing.
Julie is the author of 8 full length novels (now out of print, but being released again soon) and 2 novellas. She has written in such genres as Fantasy Romance, Vampire Romance, Ghost Romance, with all books crossing many genres, such as witchcraft, reincarnation and all of her books are very much plot driven, with most reviews scoring no less than a 4-5 and several receiving BEST READS by Reviewers.

Hi and thank you for having me as a guest on your Blog today.
Today I would like to tell you a little about my new Fantasy Romance Novel, Elven Magick.

Elven Magick is along the lines of, The Lord of the Rings, but with a lot more romance J Sword and sorcery, Elves, action, love, lust, betrayal!
Elven Magick is the follow up novel to my previously released novel by Secret Cravings Publishing, called, The Dragon and the Rose. I have included a summary of the story and a review. Hope you enjoy reading about my new release. J
ELVEN MAGICK by Julie A. D’Arcy
 The Saga continues...but will the price be too high this time? It has been over twenty-one years since Narokah; the Dark Priest was overpowered and doomed to the Fiery Abyss. Vellandril was certain by keeping the Sword of Niraz in his care instead of returning it, he was doing the right thing, but years later, he finds himself on a new quest, that leads him to buried secrets as he once again must leave the elven village of Tarlis-Leah.
Vellandril Ballindoch, King of Tarlis-Leah cannot believe that the Sword of Niraz has been stolen. He had kept the sword close to him in hopes of remembering the days of old when he and the others had shared good times. It had been his only link and by thinking it was safe, he had been drugged and it stolen, from him, right under his nose. He feels like he has betrayed the Gods. Now he must go out and find it and this time return it to its rightful place. He seeks the advice of Meggahn, since she always held wise counsel. He could only hope that she would send the Knight Sir Gwayne, Johden's father, in Garrik's place, on this search for the sword.
Queen Meggahn is surprised to see Vellandril but when he inquires of her husband's whereabouts, she informs that Garrik and her son have gone west to fight in the raging war. The battlefield only grows worse and she can only hope that they will be spared and return to her when the fighting is over. When she learns why Vellandril has come for help, she insists that the King's First Knight go along with him to find the sword.
Johden has fought many years to try to forget the elven prince, Vellandril. Even after all the passing years, when she sees him again, her knees turn to jelly. To keep her heart intact, she must be bold and feisty, so she decides to be rude to him. She cannot believe she has to join the elf on some mission to find the sword again but she is the best of the Knights and she does enjoy a great adventure. And when Gabriene steps into the picture, she refuses for anyone to tell Vellandril that he is Vellandril's son. When she is ready to inform the elf, she will be the one to do so. For now she will accompany Vellandril every step of the way, while trying to keep her feelings locked deep inside her heart.
Gabriene Ballindoch has no idea that his father is the elf prince. After he decides to follow his mother on the journey, he hopes to uncover his best friend's killer. A moon ago, Jon, the Baron's son was murdered and it still bothers Gabriene. But in his way to locate the killer, he learns the identity of his father, as well as the woman fated to be his love. Morganna le Mordah is not the ordinary woman that Gabriene expected. He found her somewhat cold, unfeeling and cruel underneath all that beauty. But that was after she had wished him to lie with her, and discovered he was an elf, known as scum of the earth. Morganna had no idea that one man would make her come alive with a simple touch, after she had been told how awful it would be for a woman to mate with a man. She quickly learns that what she was informed was incorrect. After seeing that Gabriene is an elf, she gets irate and calls for help but after he is gone, she only remembers his delicate touch and how he made her feel so much like a real woman. Now she realizes where her love really lies, but after feeling the sensations that Gabriene instrumented to her body, she doesn't know if she will ever see him again. Even though he was forbidden, that only made her want him more.
It has been twenty-two summers since Vellandril entered the Castle de Danann, and twenty-one summers since he has seen the lovely face of Johden. He can't believe that he has returned to a place he sworn he would never set foot again. Vellandril may have betrayed her, but one thing that never stopped was the buried love he held in his heart for her. But more importantly, he never knew that there was a son that he never knew and one that would make him most happy. After Vellandril learns that he has a son, he is more torn with Johden and doesn't understand why she had to keep the secret. It is an intense battle between the two as their heart opens and the past is revealed, opening events that stir strongly for the two. If the sword were not enough to worry over, others are caught in their own upsweep of events with sworn revenge, losses of inheritance and escapades that abound as a war rages in the west with loved ones wondering if their husband or sons will return home again.
A review by “Romance at Heart Magazine.”
Elven Magick is a very impressive read. Once again this reader was captivated by the scenery and the characters that detailed this lovely fantasy. I could almost feel the sensation flowing through Vellandril when he hears that Johden was not married. And the meeting of the two after all the passing years was so real, so genuine, it just smoldered in the pages. I loved the character of Johden, strong, feisty and determined to stand on her own, yet a softer side to her whenever she is around Vellandril that just oozes through her pores. Not to mention Vellandril when he is near Johden, the chemistry between the two is remarkably written and the dialogue, magnificent. Gabriene and Morganna had their own fiery heat that sprinkled in the story-line  All the characters were so remarkable that it is hard expressing them in one word, but this reader could feel their emotions strongly.
Julie A. D'Arcy crafts another brilliant tale that engages immediately from the first page. With her in-depth characters, wonderful intrigue, and detailed description of a breathtaking area, this is one story that should not be missed. If you haven't read the first of the series, The Dragon and the Rose, it would be best to read it first, then spring right into Elven Magick. Just get a comfortable chair, sit back and get ready for a fascinating venture that will not be forgotten. She blends in excellent conversation, and a story-line that keeps the story moving along, creating a tale that practically comes to life with every flip of the page. From the lovely castles, the intense fighting and the damsels often in need of help, she pens a charming book that is a timeless piece of art. I like the way she makes her heroine's strong, yet tender, and her hero's ready to do anything for the one woman they love. This is one explosive read that shouldn't be missed. Why not pick your copy of Elven Magick up today. An exciting fun-filled adventure waits in this dynamite read! I love her work! And the covers are spectacular.
Sincerely good reading,
Romance at Heart Magazine
Elven Magick can be purchased at   from Wed. 07 November, 2012 onwards. And from Monday 13th Nov. from Amazon.
 More of Julie’s titles, excerpts, extra Bio information and her gallery of book covers can be found at
You may visit her Blog at
Julie also loves nothing better than for her readers to contact her with feedback about her novels. You may do so on 
Or, help spread the word about Julie’s novels by writing a short review to place on Amazon Book Reviews, found on the Amazon Book page under her titles.

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Today's Special Guest, Romance Author, Helena Harker!

Hi Readers,
You'll love today's wonderful guest, romance author, Helena Harker. Please make her feel welcome and leave a comment.

Bio: Helena Harker is a teacher by day, writer by night, a daydreamer who loves to escape to other worlds. Her fiction is populated by strong men, passionate women and lots of paranormal creatures. In her free time she enjoys photography and curling up with a good book. She is multi-published and writes for young adults under her real name. 
The Male G-Spot:
My story is about a submissive woman who is asked to be dominant for the evening. One of the things she does to push her partner’s limits is try to get him to accept “ass play.” Of course he doesn't want to have anything to do with it at first, and she has to work pretty hard to get him to accept the idea.
The point is, men have a G-Spot, and it’s the prostate gland. It’s an area that has millions of nerve endings, and when it’s stimulated, the sensation can be intensely pleasurable. There are a lot of taboos associated with anal play, but it’s something you might want to explore with your partner. Have your man lie comfortably on his back, knees bent, giving you access to his anus.  Use a glove, lube and a lot of finesse. Ladies, trim your fingernails! Rectal tissue is very delicate. Slowly massage the area around the anus, and then insert one finger. Use as much lube as necessary. Bend your finger in a “come here” motion, and you will find the prostate approximately two to four centimeters (two or three inches) inward.
How do you know when you’ve found it? It’s roughly the same size and shape as a walnut, so when you feel a slight bulge against the wall of the rectum, that’s it. Ask him what feels good. Some men prefer thrusting motions, others prefer constant pressure or circular motions. Experiment and most of all, communicate. If you perform oral sex on him at the same time, it can produce a mind-blowing orgasm! 

Blurb: When Bethany reads her Master’s note, she expects it to contain the usual set of instructions telling her how to prepare for their Friday evening play session. But her Master asks for the unexpected—he wants her to be his Domme. Bethany is terrified at the prospect, but she doesn't want to disappoint Master. She’ll need to tap into her inner dominatrix if she’s to give her newly submissive lover what he needs.

I stood by the bedside table, where Master had left his instructions on a piece of red paper he’d transformed into an origami swan. Beautiful.A shame to unfold it, really. Every Friday night, he left me prep work for the scene he wanted to act out when he returned from the office.
Sometimes he made simple requests, asking me to answer the door dressed only in my leather collar and crotch-less panties, and then kneel at his feet after he entered. Or he gave me more detailed instructions, where I had to cook a three-course meal, light candles, make up the bed in satin sheets and lay out the various crops and floggers in a straight line on the mahogany desk by the window. Master loved scenarios involving costume play, especially when I wore my corseted Victorian gown, and he tied me to the bed, ravishing me while I begged to be set free. Other times I draped myself in filmy veils and posed as a harem girl, shimmying my hips in an improvised belly dance. When I finished removing the veils, dropping them one by one at his feet, he played the sultan and demanded sexual favors.
I held the paper swan to my nose, inhaling its scent. His scent. I caught the faint hint of musky cologne, Fetiche, which I bought for his birthday. One fold at a time, I straightened the paper, tingling in anticipation. What did he desire this evening? Bondage? Spanking? A session with the flogger that ended in a frenzy of fucking? Warmth spread through my pussy as multiple possibilities spun inside my mind. Closing my eyes, I pressed the paper against my lips.
When Master wrote his notes, the pen left indentations in the paper. The precisely looped Ds and bold Ys reflected his assertive personality.
 Dearest Bethany,
Tonight, your task is to be my Domme. Do what you like with me.
Your humble servant,
 What? Domme him? I didn’t have a clue how to be a Domme. I’d always been his submissive. We’d been together five years and for that entire time, I’d acted as his willing servant, surrendering to him, pleasing him. The roles suited us to perfection. My previous relationships were the same. I’d always been with a Dom, and never, ever considered any other role for myself. Being a sub fulfilled me.
I read the note a second time. He signed it Dylan, his real name. All the other messages had been signed Master.
What do I do? What do I do?
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Meet Today's Amazing Paranormal Romance Author, Flossie Benton Rogers!

Good Morning Readers,
Please make welcome, romance author, Flossie Benton Rogers. She'd love it if you'd leave her a comment.

Tabitha, thank you for having me here today to talk about my paranormal romance Wytchfae Runes, released by Secret Cravings Publishing on October 17, 2012.
Flossie Benton Rogers is a former teacher and library director. She began writing fairy tales at an early age and is grateful for the opportunity to again pursue her passion for mythology by writing romances about fairies, goddesses, demons, and other magical beings. A fifth generation Floridian, Flossie enjoys spending time with family and seeing new places. She is always on the lookout for romantic, adventurous story ideas to share with readers. She shares a home with her husband Mr. R and basset hound Daisy Josette.

A faery witch or Wytchfae, Kelly O’Day’s job is to transition ghosts to their afterlife. When she falls for sexy Viking ghost Ingvar Hrothson she breaks the rule against personal involvement.
 Cursed over a thousand years ago to roam the earth as a restless spirit, Ingvar is hell bent on two things—save his sister and destroy the evil sorceress responsible for her death. He needs Kelly to help him go back in time. Hating all forms of dark power, he never dreamed he would be bewitched by a flesh and blood woman with magical powers.
 Kelly and Ingvar battle sinister forces and multiple attempts on their lives. With their attraction approaching supernova, the couple must decide whether their romance of a lifetime is also worth fighting for.
A deep sigh escaped Kelly. Feeling luxuriously content with Ingvar’s arms around her, his hands restless against her back, she didn’t want to open her eyes. Thick cobwebs clouded her mind, and she wondered if she had passed out and was dreaming or if the Dark Man had transported her and Ingvar someplace where they could be alone together. It didn’t seem to matter much as she nestled closer and breathed in the Viking’s tantalizing, uniquely male scent that aroused her deepest female sensuality. His chest felt taut beneath her cheek. She craned her neck and pressed her lips to the warm column of his throat. Real, oh my goddess, so deliciously real. She nipped at his flesh, thrilling to the sound of his indrawn breath.
The brush of his mouth against her ear elicited a gasp, and shivers of electricity danced across her heated skin. She didn’t realize the hollow of her collarbone was such a sensitive spot until his fingers lingered there, his mouth following. Her breath became erratic when his hand moved down to cup her breast. Her nipples hardened in response, and the soft lace of her bra felt confining. His legs tightened against hers, and she trembled when he squeezed her bottom. She reveled in the heat of his body as he gathered her closer. His increasingly fevered movements added flickers of flame to her already stirred senses.
Her hip moved restlessly beneath his hand, and the soft flesh of her belly burned when the backs of his fingers dipped into the rim of her pants. She curled her leg around his thigh and adjusted herself to his masculine body. A startled moan escaped her as she became aware of his erection. She undulated, experiencing a delightful witchy decadence. That her touch aroused him heightened her sense of feminine power.
“Kelly.” Rough and ragged, he whispered her name.
“Are we drunk?” she whispered.
“I have been drunk on you since the first moment I saw you.”
“How did we get here, Ingvar?”
“The Dark Man’s doing, I wager.”
She rubbed her body against his.
“Kelly, if you keep on doing that…”
“What will you do, Ingvar?”
He groaned. “Explode.”
She fumbled with the fastenings of his trousers.
Clutching her wrists, he lifted her hands up to his shoulders. “Sweetling, our first moments together like this…let me pleasure you.” His mouth came down fully on hers, sweeping her up into intensifying flames.
She was dimly aware of his hand wrenching at the zipper of her pants, and then slipping inside her silk panties to her heated core. In moments his deft fingers had her thrashing in his arms while his mouth and thrusting tongue continued their honeyed siege.
She broke away from his lips and whimpered. “Ingvar, it’s t-too much. I’ll…”
“Not yet, sweetling. Not just yet. When it happens, I want you to remember it.” He used the palm of his hand to gentle her, before beginning to stroke again.
With his free hand, he lifted her blouse. She arched her back when his tongue encircled a lace adorned nipple.
Fire blazed up her spine.
He kissed his way back up to her trembling lips. Plunging inside her mouth, his tongue moved in deep rhythm with the strokes of his fingers below.
Under his touch, Kelly shattered into a million pieces.
Book Trailer:

Get Your Copy of Wytchfae Runes:
Secret Cravings Publishing

Visit Flossie Benton Rogers on the Web:

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Please welcome, paranormal and erotica romance author, Lydia Micahels!

Good Morning Readers,
Please make welcome, this wonderful and talented romance author, Lydia Michaels. Leave her a comment so she'll know you dropped by.

The Who, What, When, and Where of Lydia Michaels
Who is Lydia Michaels?
Lydia Michaels is an author of paranormal and contemporary erotic romance. She lives in Pennsylvania with her wonderfully supportive husband, beautiful daughter, and her two ridiculously spoiled dogs. After graduating college, Lydia married her childhood sweetheart and best friend then became a mother and quickly discovered her love for literature. The only hobby she enjoys more than reading exciting romance novels is writing them! If she is not off spending time with her family you can usually find Lydia at her computer working on her next story or hiding somewhere quiet with a great book. She loves taking a romantic plot with steamy chemistry and pushing the characters through an evolution of emotion by creating real life challenges any hero or heroine worth their salt could overcome. She presses the bounds of love and surprises readers just when they think they have her stories figured out. Her books are intellectual, erotic, haunting, always centered on love.
 Lydia is a new romance writer who has been on the scene for under a year, but she is quickly becoming widely known. Her first series, The Order of Vampyres, was released just this past December and currently consists of three titles (Called to Order {1}, Calling for a Miracle {2}, and Destiny Calls {3}). The Order of Vampyres has become a favorite among the sci-fi crowd because of its three unique ingredients: erotica, Amish, and vampire. It is definitely a new spin on immortals!
 She is also the author of New Castle, a series recently picked up by Secret Cravings Publishing. The New Castle series (White Chocolate {1}, All 4 You {2}, To Catch a Wolfe {3}, and Chasing Feathers {4}) has taken off to a great start. Most recently released, All 4 You, has already soared to the single digits of many bestseller lists.
 Today she is sharing her two most recent releases, All 4 You {New Castle 2} and Destiny Calls {The Order of Vampyres 3}. Destiny Calls was recently awarded the Top Bite Award from Bitten by Paranormal Romance.
Destiny Calls Blurb:
 After making the ultimate sacrifice in order to save his perfect brother and mate, Cain Hartzler’s patience with Destiny has grown thin. Resigned to an eternity spent alone, Cain decides it’s time to choose his own Destiny once and for all. But every choice he makes holds a greater consequence than the last. There is only so much an immortal heart can take, and once Destiny Santos grabs hold of Cain’s, he is changed forever. Cain’s ever-confident bad-boy reputation is shaken to the core by this mere mortal, and he will do anything to have her, but another female has set her heart on Cain, and he must make an impossible choice once again. A storm unlike any other is coming, The Order is changing, and passion will burn hotter than ever before when Cain Hartzler is finally pushed too far. There is no escaping Destiny when she calls!

 ADULT EXCERPT/Destiny Calls

He tossed the strip of wood aside and turned to face her. Crossing his arms loosely over his bare chest, he asked, “Aren’t you spending the afternoon baking with Gracie and Anna?”

“I wanted to come see what you were up to. I missed you.”
He raised an eyebrow. “You look as though you’re after something.”
She shrugged. Electricity arced between them. The air tightened around them, and her body yearned to be closer to him. He looked at her knowingly, and her desires only grew.
“Shut the door, Destiny.”
Her belly quivered, and her thighs tightened. She turned and found the heavy wooden handle to the door. She slid it to the left as a wheel attached to a pulley, anchored with a weight lowered to the ground. The interior of the barn was suddenly bathed in shadows. She faced him.
“Take off your shirt.”
She first removed her coat and hung it from a wooden peg on the wall. Her fingers undid the shirt. She slid the material down her arms, and goose bumps chased up her skin. It was warm for early March, but there was still a chill in the air.
“Undo the rest.”
She unhooked the clasp at her bra, and her breasts spilled free of the fabric.
“Now come to me.”
She walked slowly toward him. He didn’t move from where he leaned against the work table. He only waited for her to come to him. She stood before him, arms at her side, and waited as he looked down at her, taking in every bit of her exposed flesh. She lowered her eyes and noticed that he was aroused.
His fingers lightly touched the tips of her nipples, and she shivered. He then lifted her chin and ran a thumb over her lower lip. “Such a pretty mouth. I bet you could do all kinds of sweet things with those full lips, can’t you?”
Her belly clenched, and arousal flooded her panties. She nodded.
“Show me.”
She stepped closer and reached for his suspenders. Her hand grazed the hard muscles of his chest and caressed each corded bulge running down his arms as she slid the straps down his shoulders. Her fingers went to the snap at his waist, and she slowly undid his pants.
His trousers slid loosely down his hips, and his cock sprang free. She carefully took him in her hand and ran her thumb over the pearl of dew at the tip, spreading the liquid beneath her palm as she stroked him.
He moaned. “That feels nice, but you know it isn’t what I want.” She looked at him, and the authority shining in his eyes filled her with liquid heat and anticipation. “On your knees, Destiny.”
She dropped to the dirt floor of the barn. A sprinkling of hay covered the ground. Her excitement overruled the sting beneath her knees. His cock was beautiful, long and hard, smooth and thick. She licked her lips and nuzzled her cheek against his soft flesh. Slowly Destiny took him into her mouth. Cain hissed and grabbed a handful of her hair. Her curly locks knotted around his fist. It had been days since she had been able to wear it straight, but Cain said he liked it just as much curly.
She leaned forward, taking him to the back of her throat, and his fist tightened almost painfully in her hair. She loved the pinch his hold sent along her scalp. Her saliva coated his hard flesh as she bobbed up and down over him. He never released her, knowing she got off by his show of control.
He flexed his hips, and she no longer had to move as much. He thrust his cock deep in her mouth, and she took all of him, surrendering her own body for his pleasure. There may have been something twisted inside of her that wanted him to use her this way, but Cain understood it, even if she didn’t completely comprehend what drove her to want such things.
He rode her mouth hard, but never lost control, never gave her more than she could tolerate or took more than she wanted to give. He thickened along her tongue, and she knew he was close. He was forcing himself past her lips with hard fast pumps of his hips. She wanted him to lose control.
Suddenly he pulled his cock from her mouth and reached for her. He lifted her to her feet, and her legs shook from kneeling on the cold ground. He swept his hands across the work table, and all of his tools went scattering to the ground. He turned her so she faced the cleared surface and pressed her chest down against the wood.
His booted feet kicked at her ankles, and she widened her stance. “Hold onto the edge of the table, Destiny, and don’t let go until I come.”

~Lydia Michaels

All 4 You Blurb:
Jade Schultz is a woman who has always believed in indulgence and once she sets her sights on military man Jeremy Lawson, he has no where to hide. With a friendship that dates back to childhood, Jeremy is quite aware of Jade’s potency. She is not a woman easily forgotten and he has finally decided surrender to his desires. But when Jade awakens with no memory of the previous evening her world is forever changed. 
  After years of waiting and wanting, Jeremy realizes immediately that something is wrong, but nothing prepares him for the nightmare that is suddenly Jade’s reality. Self preservation and shame prevent Jade from going to the man she adores, but Jeremy is determined to prove his love, which he vows will survive even her darkest hours. 
 An incredible story of courage, unconditional love, and a female’s unbreakable will to not just survive, but live happily ever after.

A note from the author:
 I want to thank Tabitha Shay for having me on her lovely blog today. I am so excited to be here! The past year has probably been one of the most amazing years of my life and it would have never happened if not for all of the wonderful readers out there. So, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you all for your incredible support.
What genres does Lydia Michaels write?

Erotic Romance
Science Fiction
When can we expect the next title(s) from Ms. Michaels?
Winter 2012
To Catch a Wolfe {New Castle 3} Secret Cravings Publishing
Chasing Feathers {New Castle 4} Secret Cravings Publishing
Spring 2013
Call her Mine {The Order of Vampyres 4}Siren Publishing
Breaking Perfect (MMF) Secret Cravings Publishing
Summer 2013
The McCullough Mountain Series {A 6 book Irish Family Saga} Secret Cravings Publishing
Lydia is also working on a new trilogy with Penguin Publishing Group which can be expected in 2013!
 Where can you find Lydia Michaels?
 Lydia can be found/reached at

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Good Morning Readers,
Congrats goes out to Mel Bourn. Her name was drawn from the cowboy hat and she receives a free pdf of my latest release, Too Hot to Handle/Too Close to the Fire. What a fun filled weekend. A special thanks to all those who took the time to drop by and guess where I'm from and blog hop and to Dawne Prochillo for organizing the blog hop!
Jaydyn Chelcee/Tabitha Shay

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Good Morning Readers,
SCP authors live all over the world and Dawne, our wonderful promotions manager thought it'd be lots of fun to have a blog hop and post a few hints about where we live and see if readers can guess which country, province or state we're from. So be sure and leave your answers in the comment section and a way to contact you. There are lots of prizes, including my giving away a free pdf of my latest release, Too Hot to Handle/Too Close to the Fire, book three of the Montana Men Series. So jump in with your guesses and don't forget to visit the SCP blog site, just click on the world map in side bar to your right.


1-I live in Tornado Alley
2-I live in what is known as Green Country
3-We're known as Sooner Boomers

Can you guess my home state?

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Coming Soon!

Coming the first weekend of Oct. The Where in the World is the Secret Cravings Author's Blog Hop.
Lots of prizes, so be sure and check back.

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Good Morning Readers,
Today I have the honor of having Jean C. Joachim for my guest blogger. Jean is a very prolific and amazing romance author. She has a cool contest, too, so be sure and leave her a comment...Tabs

Good Morning Everyone,
First let me say a big "Thank You" to Tabitha Shay for having me for her guest today. Then how about a quick bio so we can get acquainted?
 Author bio:
Jean Joachim is an author, married, a mother of two boys and owner of a rescued pug named Homer. She writes contemporary romance and has eleven contemporary romance books published with one more scheduled to be release within the coming months.  Jean has been writing non-fiction for over twenty years and fiction for three. Her review column, "Movie Choices for Kids" has been syndicated on parenting newspapers websites for the past 12 years. A native New Yorker, she still lives in New York City.
Can a broken heart be renovated like an old house? Kit’s life came to a halt when her husband slapped her with a divorce. Finding herself without a job or a place to live, she’s forced to take Tunney Nichols up on his offer of cheap rent for his parent’s house. The catch: she must allow him to renovate while she’s living there. Out of fear, Kit tells a lie she soon regrets as she is drawn to the sexy man plastering and painting his way into her heart.

Can Sarah forget the abuse from her late husband? Can she fix her heart and the hearts of her children?  With her two children in tow, Sarah relocates to be near her sister, she meets Jim, a neighbor and English professor. A mutual interest in writing, paves the way for a friendship that blossoms into romance. But is Jim the right man for Sarah or does another man from her past still light her fire?

Don Rosen, the co-owner of Bon Appetit with his wife, Sunny, was tending bar when Kit
“Good evening. Looking for a table?” he asked.
“How many?”
“Just one,” she said, cringing inside, unable to look him in the eye.
“We have a big group here tonight, so we’re packed. How about sitting at the bar? We serve
dinner here, too. I can seat you right away,” he said, motioning to one of two empty chairs. She
nodded at him, sat down and pulled out a small pad and pen. Time to make a what-to-do-with my-
life list.
“What are you drinking?”
“A Cosmopolitan?”
“Coming right up.”
Kit sat with her pen poised, but she couldn’t think of anything. How do you make a list for putting your life back together? There were so many things she had to do. Kit stared at the empty page, unable to organize the mess now called her life into a neat to-do list. She felt paralyzed.
She took a sip of her Cosmo and put the pen down on the bar.
“Writer’s block?”
She looked to her left, directly into a pair of warm brown eyes looking at her with an
amused air. A man sat in the previously empty seat. She didn’t even notice him sit down. Kit looked at him but couldn’t find her voice. He was gorgeous with dark brown hair to match his dark eyes, shoulders as wide as a city block. His face wore a wry grin turning up one corner of his sensuous mouth. His white long sleeve shirt open at the neck emphasized the darkness of his hair and eyes. A blue striped tie, loosened to indicate the end of his work day, hung below the opened shirt button.

Unscramble any of these character names from "The Renovated Heart' and be entered in a giveaway of a free copy of the book.  (Hint, 3 of the 4 names are in the blurb.)
Rasha Groman
Neynut Shlinco