Sunday, December 4, 2011

Please Welcome My Special Guest, Romance Author, Julie A. D'Arcy!

Good Morning Readers,
Today's special guest is the fantastic paranormal romance author, Julie A. D'Arcy. I'm so honored to have her for my guest today. Please leave a comment for Julie so she'll know you came to visit her.

First I would like to thank Tabitha for hosting me on her blog this morning. I will just be telling you a little about myself and my NEW novel coming out with Secret Cravings Publishing in March 2012, Whisper of Yesterday. I wrote this novel seven years ago, but grew ill and decided not to seek a publisher, I am now well and back to writing and Whisper of Yesterday is my first novel to mark my foray back into the writing world.
So please make yourself comfortable, put up your feet, grab a cup of your favorite whatever ... and take the time to read about Whisper of Yesterday. I really enjoyed writing this novel! As it is set in Cornwall, a place I have always had a fascination for and would dearly like to visit oneday. I am sure I must have lived there in another life J

Also if you leave a comment in the comment box, naming two of the characters in the book. The answer can be found in my blurb. You have a chance to win an e-print copy of my novella “Beyond the Green Door”. Good Luck!

Julie A. D’Arcy-

 lives in Wangaratta, North East Victoria, Australia with her partner Philip and her spoiled Tonkanese cat Jessalyn.

Julie’s first two novels Time of the Wolf  and Silverdawn were first published in 1999 and 2000 and Shortlisted for several prestigious awards, including the PEARL and Sapphire, with Time of the Wolf winning the 1999 RIO (Reviewers International, Dorothy Parker Award) in the Fantasy category for Women’s Fiction. Both books were also runners up in the prestigious Australian, RUBY Award run by the Australian RWA.

Julie began writing seriously in 1994, and is the author of a series of Fantasy romance novels based in her fictional medieval world of Tarlis. These books will be re-released over the next 2 years.

She has written for such publishers as ImaJinn Books, Mundania Press, Eternal Press, Moongypsy Press, Noble Romance Publishing and will release her brand NEW novel Whisper of Yesterday with Secret Cravings Publishing, March 2012 in e-Print formats, and August 2012 in paperback. Whisper of Yesterday is a Ghost Paranormal sensual romance, with elements of witchcraft and reincarnation.
Julie is the author of 8 full length novels(now out of print, but being released again soon) and 2 novellas.

She also writes under the name of Jewel D’Arcy for Erotic Romance and her recent and first foray into this genre can be found at

Julie’s hobbies include reading, gardening, oil painting, making fantasy pottery, watching good paranormal, romance and fantasy movies, and creating video clips and book covers for other authors.  She loves to hear from people who have read her books.

Blurb: Whisper of Yesterday
By Julie A. D’Arcy

A cry for help, echoing through the ages, inspires a young nobleman to rewrite history – and rediscover a passion he had only dreamt of…

      Cole d’Morgan is contacted by a lawyer telling him he has been left a castle in Cornwall, but to inherit he must arrive at Castle Thornwood on  All-Hallows-Eve. As he pulls his car to a halt at the castle gates he sees a beautiful red-haired woman clutching at the bars in the rain. However, before he can climb from his car she vanishes into the night.
Arriving at the castle he learns that she is the ghost of Alyssa d’Morgan a woman who was tried as a witch in 1644.
      He is related, by the caretaker of the castle, the tragic tale of Aidan and an Alyssa d’Morgan … a love story that spans three hundred years.

      Alyssa d’Morgan burned as a witch for refusing to wed her dead husband’s father haunts the castle where she was put to death and takes revenge on the man responsible. She is sworn to haunt the castle until she is reunited with her husband and soul mate, Cai. But the rejected father, Gedrych d’Morgan being of superstitious nature, orders the druid stones outside the castle walls to be dragged into the courtyard to surround her pyre. Little does he realise that he has unleashed magic eons old that will enable Alyssa to appear as a real woman within the boundary of the stones.

      Aidan d’Morgan, re-incarnated soul of Cai d’Morgan is reborn in the early 1900’s.  As a child he once heard a story of a great castle in Cornwall that once belonged to his family. Whilst visiting a gentleman’s club in London with his cousin, he overhears a young man making a wager, and wins back Castle Thornwood on the turn of a card.
      On entering the castle he cannot shake the feeling that he is being watched, and soon learns that the castle is haunted not by a murdered Countess as he has been told, but by a beautiful red-haired woman who speaks to him in his dreams. However, these are not simply dreams, but a past life, which he is forced to revisit in order to find an answer to an age old curse…
      In the morning he becomes confused when he meets his Steward’s niece, who bares an uncanny resemblance to his resident ghost and later becomes torn between his love for a woman he can never have, and a young woman who wants him.
      Then there is the mystery of who is trying to kill him. Is it Landan Denero? An agent for the Crown, a man who Aidan suspects of being a double agent, and seems to pop up in all the most unlikely places? Or someone or something more sinister as Aidan’s cousin Freddie suggests? Alyssa d’Morgan herself…

What follows is an interwoven tale of chilling betrayal and haunting love story that traverses three centuries... 

 Readers, please watch for Julie's new book coming soon from Secret Cravings Publishing!