Monday, July 23, 2012


Hello Readers,
Per reader's request, I'm posting a short excerpt from my upcoming book, Send Him an Angel, book one in the Angels of Deadwood Gulch Series, scheduled for release in Jan., 2013 from Secret Cravings Publishing. Enjoy!

The carriage stopped in front of Gabe’s townhouse. “Won’t you come in?” he invited. “Have a glass of wine? Two or three?” He waggled his dark brows and imitated twisting a mustache. “Let me get on with this seduction, my dear,” he said in a faked evil voice. “Join me in my bed so we can consummate our wager?”
Elizabeth’s jaw gaped. He might sound like he was joking, but she had the feeling he meant every word. She didn’t know whether to laugh or be appalled. “You aren’t funny.”
“Huh. And here I thought I was entertaining you.”
She heard the carriage driver snort, then stifle a laugh. “You are most insensitive,” she snapped at Gabe.
“Do you not have a whit of discretion?”
“Not a whit.”
“I don’t believe you.”
“It’s true. I’m the least whit less person you’ll ever meet.”
Elizabeth laughed. “You’re incorrigible.”
“That, too.” His face softened. Gabe brushed a stray curl from her face. “I like hearing the sound of your laughter.” He leaned closer. “I’m going to kiss you, Elizabeth.”
“You’re not.”
“Oh, but I am, my darling. A woman as beautiful as you needs lots of kisses.” He tugged her closer. “Close your eyes. I promise this won’t hurt a bit.”
 In spite of the fact she knew she should tell him to get out of the carriage and not touch her, she closed her eyes and leaned toward him. He was good for her bruised ego and right now, she needed that. She needed to know she was desirable.
Gabe feathered his thumbs down her cheeks, removing the last bit of evidence of her tears. He traced her upper lip, sliding a fingertip along the outer edge of her lower lip. “Such a sultry, inviting mouth,” he whispered. Gently, he eased the seam of her lips apart. She drew a sharp breath and started to pull away.
“Ssssh. Keep your eyes closed. Just feel.” He lowered his mouth onto hers and settled there with every intention, she knew, of completing his seduction. Gingerly, he touched his tongue to hers, toyed and teased until she felt like screaming her frustration. Slowly he released her mouth and pressed his forehead to hers. “Damn woman, I’m a doomed man. One thing I know for certain is I’ll never get enough of tasting your mouth.”
Elizabeth whimpered as he crushed her lips beneath his once more. Her hands fluttered to his shoulders. He eased back and licked his lips.
Sighing, he released a deep breath. “Sssh. It’s all right. Jesus, but you’re potent.” She swayed toward him. Gabe chuckled. “You can open your eyes now, Elizabeth.”
Obeying him, she blinked. “That’s it? That’s all you’re going to do to me? I–I mean, not that I want you to do more, it’s just that I…”
“Expected me to try more?” He grinned. “I know what you meant. I know what you expected. It’s better to keep one guessing. Don’t you agree?”
“I don’t think I should ever find myself in the position of agreeing with you about anything.”
“Careful, love, you never know what position you might find yourself in with me.”

Thursday, July 19, 2012


As per a reader's request, I'm posting an excerpt from my next upcoming release from the Montana Men Series. Wish I had more time tonight to post from other books, but alas, I got edits in today and must work on them, however, I'll be back to post more excerpts from other oncoming releases ASAP....Enjoy...Tabs/Jaydyn


“I’m sorry.” She gripped his fingers. “We’re going down,” she said in a shaky voice.
“I know.” He clenched his teeth. “All I ask is that you don’t break both my legs in the landing, or my back…been there, done that.”
She gave a watery laugh. “I swear I won’t. Hold on to me. I don’t want to die alone.”
He leaned as close as possible and drew her face protectively against his chest. “Don’t look, baby.”
Dianna buried her face deeper against his chest. “No. I won’t look. I don’t want to see death coming at us.”
The plane glided so smoothly, Dianna could hardly believe what was about to happen, but she knew when they hit the trees and concealed rocks, the aircraft would shear apart.
She held her breath. Her heart beat so frantically, it hurt. Her lungs ached for air. It would have been nice to settle things with Taylor before they died. Too bad there was so little time left them. Too bad she wanted him, and he detested her.
Wanted him?
Shit, was she in love with the big jerk? How could she be in love with such an asshole?
“Here it comes,” he whispered.
He tightened his hold on her, tilted her face to his. “Look at me, Dianna.”
She lifted her gaze to the window. Everything was such a blur rushing toward them. Her breath hitched.
“No, sweetheart, look only at me. Dianna, look at me!”
She turned her head, locked her gaze with his.
“That’s my girl.” Slowly, he settled his mouth on hers. Her breath caught. Oh, yeah. She was definitely a goner. She’d been a goner for months now. Why had he waited so long to kiss her again?
His lips felt feather soft, gentle, yet utterly ravaging. Never had she felt anything as good as his warm mouth possessing hers. Dianna sighed with contentment and surrendered her heart into his care. This kiss would have to last her a lifetime and beyond. She dug her fingers in the front of his shirt and hung on.
Dianna felt the jolt in every muscle and bone. She was brutally wrenched from Taylor’s arms. He grunted, hurled to his right and then back against his seat.
“Here. I’m right here.”
Metal crunched and screeched in agony. Everything about the plane snarled in protest, a wounded beast fighting to its last breath. The only thing they could do was ride the ride.
Glass imploded around them. Hundreds of shiny pieces shot through the air. Dianna flung her arms across her face. The plane jerked hard to the right. Luggage flipped toward them, tossing and tumbling like paper in the wind.
The blunt corner of a suitcase slammed into Taylor’s left shoulder. She heard his moan and prayed it hadn’t broken his collarbone or shoulder. White-hot pain pierced her left leg above her knee. Something sharp and lethal gouged her right shoulder.
Dianna screamed.
Taylor grabbed her, closed his arms tight around her shoulders, but still she felt every bone-snapping, teeth-jarring bite of pain.
The plane whipped into a wild tailspin, tossing them about like flotsam in a stormy sea. Torn from Taylor’s arms a second time, Dianna tried desperately to get a hold on the yoke, but her fingers slipped off, too slick with sweat for her to latch on to it. “Oh, God. Oh, God.”
The aircraft raced on in its destructive path, plowing through the underbelly of the rainforest. The wings popped and sheared off as the plane punched its way past a blur of huge red rocks. Tree limbs snapped and broke as easily as matchsticks.

Coming soon from Secret Cravings Publishing./Be sure and get your copies of In the Arms of Danger and No Holds Barred now while you're waiting for book three..  /