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Every Tuesday, a small group of authors get together and post a few snippets from a WIP. It's fun, plus it lets the author know how well her work is progressing. This week's word is BLOOM...Feel free to leave a comment. Yes, authors love comments too...Hope you enjoy this weeks excerpt from a WIP, a paranormal titled A Cut Above the Rest.

Continuing the tale of the Gray sisters...

 Ginger Gray knew the moment she completed the infamous Y-cut down the center of the masculine chest stretched before her on the autopsy table, and the corpse opened its eyes—it was going to be a bad night at Gray Mortuary. “Oh my Aunt Fannie’s garters,” she declared in a slow Georgia drawl.
Unable to take her eyes off the splendid male body before her, she drew a quivering breath, then took a cautious step back from the fresh cadaver, a fresh cadaver, who was staring at her as if she was a fresh bloom waiting to be plucked. 
Gray Mortuary—where all things go bump in the night.
But this? This was impossible.
She swallowed back the urge to scream. Heck, it wasn't fair. She shouldn't even be here, let alone standing here gaping at a naked, blinking corpse. It wasn't happening. Her imagination must be working overtime, just like she was—or else that last glass of wine she indulged in at dinner before dear ole’ dad placed his call to her, contained more alcohol than she thought.
Nope, it was her imagination—else the freaking body had nerves twitching all over the place.
She blamed the twins. If they hadn't been determined to go to that blasted Halloween party, she’d be home curled up with a good Jaydyn Chelcee novel. She didn't know which twin placed the call to their father begging him for the rest of the night off and suggesting Ginger fill their shoes since she never had a date on Friday night, he caved, as usual.
“It’s my night off, damn it,” she shouted, purely in self-defense to no avail. She didn't know if she was screaming at the breathing corpse or the room in general.
It didn't matter if what her sister said was true and Ginger never had a date on Friday night, she still wanted and deserved her time off. But like her father, she always gave in when it came to the younger twins and their demands. They weren't bad girls. They weren't always selfish or expected things their way. Ginger snorted. No, what they expected was every weekend off!
They loved pulling practical jokes on her. This waking corpse was right down their alley, especially since it was Halloween. It was a joke. Yeah-yeah. Maybe one of her sisters, one of the other set of twins, either Scotlyn or Irelyn suggested this horrible prank to the younger twins and knowing them, they went along with the idea and decided to pull a fast one on her.
Scotlyn and Irelyn were two years younger than her. They were as big a pranksters as Kadence and Kennadee. They were probably inside this big old building in a room somewhere with a monitor and watching her reaction. 
She took a quick second to scan the room for a video camera but didn't spot one. They loved to catch her unaware and pull some crazy stunt, like the time they glued a brain to a tray. It didn't matter than the brain was fake. She thought it was real at the time.
Oh, but this was unacceptable.
She was a professional, and being one required a certain, a–a certain flair—a–a certain— “Oh! Oh, crap, don’t get up, Mister Corpse,” she cried, startled to see him rise and perch on the side of the autopsy table.
Ahh, but, Mister Corpse wasn't listening.
“I see dead people,” Ginger breathed. “I don’t see live people on my exam table. I never see live people on my exam table. They don’t blink their eyes. They don’t breathe. They don’t sit up.”
 Except for this one time—

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Hello Readers,
This week's prompt is this glorious full moon. Continuing excerpts from last week's TT and one of my WIPs, let's find out what's happening to Ginger Gray in the infamous Gray Mortuary. Muhahahahah!

Kennadee poked her tongue out at her. “Spoilsport. Don’t you ever like to just have fun?”
“Now don’t look at me like that, Ginger Snap,” Kadence said, her pale green eyes sparkling with silent laughter.
Her sisters always called her Ginger Snap when they went into defensive mode.
“We couldn’t help seeing his bundle when we cut off his clothes,” Kadence continued. “I mean, there it was in plain view, big as a sausage roll.”
Ginger rolled her eyes. “Good grief. Just give me report and get out of here, both of you.”

Kennadee snickered. “We couldn’t miss it, sis. Honest.”
“He’s dead,” Ginger said, quickly losing patience. “Why would you want to look at a dead dick? It certainly won’t do either one of you a bit of good.”
“Don’t be gross,” Kennadee replied. “We were discreet and respectful, but the towel slipped off and there it was, big as life.”
Ginger snatched the clipboard from Kadence. “I doubt it was big as life since he has no blood flow to it, or, if you want to get technical, no life at all.”
“I’d sure love to see it when he did have blood flow,” Kennadee stated, slipping off her lab coat.
“Me, too,” Kadence added copying her twin and removing her lab jacket as well. They hung their white coats on a rack in the corner, grabbed their purses, and headed to the double doors. “Have a good night,” Kadence called.
Yes, have a good night,” Kennadee echoed. “And thank you for coming in and working the rest of our shift. We’ll say hello to everyone for you at the Halloween party.”
“Yeah, right,” Ginger mumbled with a touch of sarcasm. "Halloween and a full moon. Great combinations."

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Good Morning Readers,
Welcome to the Back List Blog hop. Sorry I'm running late posting...Something always seems to go wrong at the last minute and for some weird reason, my blog page wouldn't open for me. But I'm here now and here is my back list from my Winslow Witches of Salem Series. Something nice to know--Book 1, Witches Brew, is now free and can be found at For every reader who leaves a comment, I'll drop your name in the witch's hat and hold a drawing later on for a pdf of Witch's Heart, book 2 in the series.

Witches, wizards and magic!
Saylym Winslow regains forgotten magical powers, but is determined to ignore them. No way is she a witch; magic brings nothing but trouble. But when Talon, Waken Prince and assassin of witches is assigned to terminate Saylym by stealing her soul, she discovers being a real, spell-casting witch is only the beginning of her problems.
Talon is enchanted by Saylym's beauty and charm and refuses to do his duty. He is given a choice by the powerful Waken Guild: Handfast with the trouble making witch to keep her in line or they will send Drayke, the most ruthless waken assassin, to hunt her down.
Sparks fly in this bewitching battle of the sexes-witch-style.

Journey into a world where magic rules and death is the penalty for mistakes-return to the kingdom of Ru-Noc, where witches, wizards, and warlocks dwell. . .
Hannah Miller is starting over-new life, new location, and the grand opening of the Sugar 'N' Spice bakery with her best friend, Kirrah Walker. But Hannah soon discovers Sanctuary is not small town America. Trapped in a world of magic where humans are considered aliens-Hannah soon becomes the target of a waken assassin.
The male witch, Sage, is sent to terminate Hannah, the impertinent human who has dared to enter their sacred realm. Sage usually complies with the guild's orders, but he faces this assignment with dread. He hasn't forgotten what took place at the Salem witch trials in 1692 and has vowed to avoid all mortals-until he sees Hannah for the first time.
Caught up in the immortal conflict sweeping across Ru-Noc, the star-crossed lovers wage a different kind of war that set off more sparks than a witch's wand. . .
Fall under the spell of Witch’s Heart-where Sage and Hannah discover love has a magic all its own . . .

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Hi Readers,
I hope you'll enjoy this snippet from a WIP I hope to have published by 2015.

Kadence tore off her gloves and dropped them in the trash receptacle in the nearby corner and turned to face her. “He had no I.D. Some homeless person called the police complaining that a stranger stole his cardboard box house. The body was found behind a dumpster in the alley in said box, an old blanket tossed over him. I couldn't determine how long he’d been dead because his liver temperature was ice cold, as if he’d been in a freezer. There’s no apparent cause of death…so far.” She paused, then grinned. “You need to check out his package, sis.”
Ginger frowned. “His package? Where…” She glanced around looking for a wrapped gift.
Kadence giggled. “Not that kind of package. That kind.” She pointed to the center of the draped body. She shook her fingers as if they were scorched. “Wow!” she mouthed.
“For God’s sake,” Ginger snapped. “I hope you two haven’t been inappropriate. Corpses deserve their privacy and respect just like the living.” Knowing her sisters, especially these two, one could never be sure. Daredevils to the tips of their Reeboks, they were also big pranksters. She couldn't count the times they’d pulled hoaxes on her, leaving her with the proverbial egg on her face.
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