Monday, February 2, 2009

Witch's Moon Review

Congrats to Tabitha on her great review from Joyfully Reviewed!
Beltane is here for Princess Kali Wilson, only daughter of King Darak and Queen Helayne and she needs her sexual heat to be stoked until she goes up in flames. Kali knows that the last man she should have is the only one who will satisfy her.

Captain of the Royal Elite Palace Guard, Koren T has waited for what seems a lifetime for Princess Kali to mature and grow up so that they can bond and mate. Of course Koren knows that logically there’s no way the King and Queen will ever let someone like him touch their royal daughter.

Between the demons, witches and others living in the Kingdom of Ru-Noc a power struggle of epic proportions is taking place. Koren is ordered to take Kali to the human realm for her safekeeping. But there are dangers near and far in the human realm as well, especially if you choose to stay with a vampire prince. In the end there may not be a safe place for any of them, anywhere.

Lust, love and death defying adventures pull readers into Witch’s Moon by talented author Tabitha Shay. This is the third book in the Winslow Witches of Salem series, filled with both good and evil characters fighting for the ultimate control of a kingdom. Witch’s Moon can be read as a stand alone tale but with such a large cast, readers would no doubt benefit from having read the previous books. Also, this story goes that extra inch with unexpected twists and turns including death, mind rape, stillbirths and more. Witch’s Moon has positive loving moments but this world most definitely has dangerous ground.

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