Thursday, October 15, 2009

What's Wrong With This Govt.?

Hi Readers,
As a rule, I stay away from political issues on my blog. I'm a romance author.I like to blog about my books, my family, my pets and stay out of politics. But this morning's official announcement that there will be no raise in Jan. for our disabled and elderly, not only disgusts me with our current govt., but it makes me sick as well!
What the hell?
Our govt. can finance a war that's like the Energizer Bunny that just keeps going on and on. It can spend billions on a space station that only God knows why we need it up there in the first place. It can provide millions of the taxpayer's bucks to bail out banks, etc. It can provide all types of benefits for illegal aliens., and hell, what else am I missing?, but it can't give a fifty dollar a year raise to the disabled and retired of our country? What's wrong with this picture?
Huh...How many raises has Congress, the Senate and every other thing we now have in the White House been given the last year? How many trips do we, as tax payers, pay for, for these same elected officials to carry on their illicit affairs, candle-lit dinners, hotel rooms, air fares, trips overseas to meet with their illicit affair, another golf course...again, I ask, am I missing anything here? I'm trying hard not to.
No wonder people want to throw a Tea Party...I say Go For It!


Ginger Simpson said...

Hooray for being brave enough to speak up. People with differing opinions like most of the Democratic administration will call you "astro turf" or liken you to terrorists, but I say if we don't speak up now we are going to really regret it later. The lack of time limits has allowed our government to be filled with career-oriented officials who are in the game for their own benefit. They could give a crap about anyone else. Special interest groups keep their pockets lined with cash, and our congress sees only more coming their way. Why else would anyone sign bills they don't even read???? As evidenced by the crooks who've cheated the very people they represent by not paying taxes, most in Washington consider themselves above the law. While we would get fined or even jailed, they get a slap on the wrist and continue on their crooked way.

I'm a believer in tea parties, and I'm not a Republican. I don't believe in party lines, because that's what got us to this point. If a dog turd wears a party logo, people will vote simply for that innuendo toward our president, but something stinks and it's not in Denmark. I say voting for the best qualified person makes a lot more sense...unfortunately our choices have been pretty limited of late. I'd like to say I'm hopeful for the next go around, but if Sarah Palin and Mike whats his name is the best the parties can muster, we are in deeper doo doo than now. People didn't vote for Sarah the first time around, and The guitar-plucking Fox News Channel candidate was a washout. Huckabee...that's him. Pah-lease...the man thinks he's a musician now. He's so confused. Though maybe he could hold a 'jam session' with Korean Kim Jong Il and Immadinnajacket from Iran. *lol*

Maggie Dove said...

Bravo, Tabs, I totally agree with you! This is why I'm always holding Tea Parties in a 1870 Victorian drawing room. Some of the things that are happening today make me so angry...I just have to retreat to the drawing room with my characters!It is there where I decide what is fair and what isn't! Because in real time, nothing makes sense to me.

Tabitha Shay said...

Thanks for your comment...Heck, I didn't know I was being brave...just

Tabitha Shay said...

Hi Maggie,
I'd like to join you in your drawing room...Oh how peaceful that sounds....Tabs

Maggie Dove said...

Any time, Tabs. It is never lonely in there! Sometimes a little crazy, but politically speaking everyone agrees with the author!