Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Today's Tale About Dear Hubby!!

Hi Readers,

Remember those lovely, funny tales I shared with you about my deer hunter hubby during Thanksgiving? Well, I was sitting here thinking of some of the funny things he's done over the years we've shared...belive me, he's done plenty.

Now you'd have to be acquainted with my hubby to know him and that's really easy to do. He never meets a stranger and I swear to God, he can talk more and faster any woman I know.

He doesn't really care what the subject's about, as long as he gets to talk.

This particular time, we were on vacation. We'd been to Las Vegas and on our way back home. We were somewhere in Arizona. It was hot, dry, but I love the hot weather. And I love to stop at every souvenir gift shop along the way.

I'd sweet talked hubby into taking the next exit so I could check out the Native American Dolls, rugs, jewelry or whatever other interestings things I could find...

Well of course, man style, he didn't really want to look around, but he loves me, and I did, so he caved...

Anyway, we get out and walk into this little building and there sat two little boys, alone inside the very small shop...They looked to be about 10 and 12...very quiet, and I figured maybe just a little scared of two strangers...I tried to chat with them a little, but they were pretty unresponsive...except for watching every move we made, they had nothing to say.

Well, not one to admit defeat, or pass up an opportunity to talk, dear hubby doesn't take things like this lying down and he could drag words out of a corpse.

Out of the blue, he stopped browsing, turned to eye the wide-eyed little boys and says, "How come you boys aren't fishing?"

I turned and I know my mouth had to be gaping wide open. I glanced at the little boys and they were staring at dear hubby like they thought he was insane. The oldest boy said very solemnly, "Ain't no water, ain't no fish."

My hubby looked completely bamboozled by this. "No water, no fish?"

"Hon." I stepped up beside him, laughing. "We're in the middle of the desert...there's no fish here, no water, at least not right here."

"Oh. I forgot we're in the desert. I guess you boys can't go fishing."

Amazingly, those two kids came out from behind the counter and started chatting with hubby...about fishing, not fishing...etc...We spent a good hour there talking to them and even bought a rug...but I can still see the looks on their faces, their big and round when dh asked them why they weren't fishing...

You'd have had to be there and saw everyone's expressions to really appreciate this tale, but I hope you've enjoyed this cute and funny story a little...

Happy Reading,


Anonymous said...

What a wondeful story! It's great for those boys too. I have 6 grandsons most a little younger. They get that blank expression when asked about school, teachers. They love the video games--and if you don't talk video games...getting them involved in someother activity usually leads to protest and then conversation. Your husband turned on those boys circuitry and now they have something else to talk about--fishing--and a man who wanted to fish in the desert. Very Cool and happy new year to you and yours! Gwyn Lacy

Tabitha Shay said...

Hi Gwyn,
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It was a very funny thing at the time, those little boys and their big brown eyes...they were so cute...Yes, I bet they still talk about the man who wanted to fish in the desert, too...Happy New Year to you and yours, too....Tabs