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Today's Special Guest, Romance Author, Helena Harker!

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Bio: Helena Harker is a teacher by day, writer by night, a daydreamer who loves to escape to other worlds. Her fiction is populated by strong men, passionate women and lots of paranormal creatures. In her free time she enjoys photography and curling up with a good book. She is multi-published and writes for young adults under her real name. 
The Male G-Spot:
My story is about a submissive woman who is asked to be dominant for the evening. One of the things she does to push her partner’s limits is try to get him to accept “ass play.” Of course he doesn't want to have anything to do with it at first, and she has to work pretty hard to get him to accept the idea.
The point is, men have a G-Spot, and it’s the prostate gland. It’s an area that has millions of nerve endings, and when it’s stimulated, the sensation can be intensely pleasurable. There are a lot of taboos associated with anal play, but it’s something you might want to explore with your partner. Have your man lie comfortably on his back, knees bent, giving you access to his anus.  Use a glove, lube and a lot of finesse. Ladies, trim your fingernails! Rectal tissue is very delicate. Slowly massage the area around the anus, and then insert one finger. Use as much lube as necessary. Bend your finger in a “come here” motion, and you will find the prostate approximately two to four centimeters (two or three inches) inward.
How do you know when you’ve found it? It’s roughly the same size and shape as a walnut, so when you feel a slight bulge against the wall of the rectum, that’s it. Ask him what feels good. Some men prefer thrusting motions, others prefer constant pressure or circular motions. Experiment and most of all, communicate. If you perform oral sex on him at the same time, it can produce a mind-blowing orgasm! 

Blurb: When Bethany reads her Master’s note, she expects it to contain the usual set of instructions telling her how to prepare for their Friday evening play session. But her Master asks for the unexpected—he wants her to be his Domme. Bethany is terrified at the prospect, but she doesn't want to disappoint Master. She’ll need to tap into her inner dominatrix if she’s to give her newly submissive lover what he needs.

I stood by the bedside table, where Master had left his instructions on a piece of red paper he’d transformed into an origami swan. Beautiful.A shame to unfold it, really. Every Friday night, he left me prep work for the scene he wanted to act out when he returned from the office.
Sometimes he made simple requests, asking me to answer the door dressed only in my leather collar and crotch-less panties, and then kneel at his feet after he entered. Or he gave me more detailed instructions, where I had to cook a three-course meal, light candles, make up the bed in satin sheets and lay out the various crops and floggers in a straight line on the mahogany desk by the window. Master loved scenarios involving costume play, especially when I wore my corseted Victorian gown, and he tied me to the bed, ravishing me while I begged to be set free. Other times I draped myself in filmy veils and posed as a harem girl, shimmying my hips in an improvised belly dance. When I finished removing the veils, dropping them one by one at his feet, he played the sultan and demanded sexual favors.
I held the paper swan to my nose, inhaling its scent. His scent. I caught the faint hint of musky cologne, Fetiche, which I bought for his birthday. One fold at a time, I straightened the paper, tingling in anticipation. What did he desire this evening? Bondage? Spanking? A session with the flogger that ended in a frenzy of fucking? Warmth spread through my pussy as multiple possibilities spun inside my mind. Closing my eyes, I pressed the paper against my lips.
When Master wrote his notes, the pen left indentations in the paper. The precisely looped Ds and bold Ys reflected his assertive personality.
 Dearest Bethany,
Tonight, your task is to be my Domme. Do what you like with me.
Your humble servant,
 What? Domme him? I didn’t have a clue how to be a Domme. I’d always been his submissive. We’d been together five years and for that entire time, I’d acted as his willing servant, surrendering to him, pleasing him. The roles suited us to perfection. My previous relationships were the same. I’d always been with a Dom, and never, ever considered any other role for myself. Being a sub fulfilled me.
I read the note a second time. He signed it Dylan, his real name. All the other messages had been signed Master.
What do I do? What do I do?
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Welcome, Helena Harker, and best of luck with your new release...Tabs

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