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Please Welcome Romance Author, Drea Layne

Good Morning Readers,
I hope you're all having a super Holiday Season! Today I have a very special romance author who has a wicked sense of humor. Please make her feel welcome and leave her some comments....Tabs

Good Morning Readers,
First I want to thank Tabitha Shay for having me on her blog today!
Today I am visiting to share with you all my new Christmas book, Rudolf & Dancer, which is part of the Reindeer Games anthology between the Wickedly Sexy Writers. It was a complete pleasure working with these ladies on these stories and I couldn't be more excited to show you my little piece of this great set of stories!
For those who know me well I'm a very outspoken person at times. More like I have no filter between my brain and my mouth. LOL!
I try to curb my less “flavorable” thoughts and keep them to myself but it never seems to turn out quite right. I have a wicked sense of twisted humor that only many get and receive well. As a writer I love to put my wicked sense of humor in my stories as much as possible and Rudolf & Dancer is no exception too this rule.
For example did you know that a meadow in the middle of the woods has bees! Oh yes they sure do. And we all know what happens when you are bare @$$ neekid and rolling around in the grass and stumble upon a bee, right? Yep one of my characters finds themselves in this very situation in my newest release.
Make sure you check out my story, Rudolf & Dancer, coming December 17, 2012 from Secret Cravings Publishing.


After years away from home, her brother’s freak accident brings Donna Dancer home to the man who broke her heart. Time hasn't diminished the lust and love, and emotions can’t be denied. Donna is sick of playing reindeer games with her mate, Paul Rudolf, but there are only so many rejections a girl can take.
It takes a dedicated man to lead the group of reindeer shifters responsible for bringing joy to millions of children, and Paul takes his job very seriously. Women were nothing more than a distraction he doesn't need, but he now finds himself feeling lonely and hating the job he’s loved for so long. Rejecting Donna was the one decision he regrets more and more with each passing day.
Will this Christmas be as lonely as the rest? Or will Paul and Donna finally find holiday bliss in each others arms.
All Paul could manage was a grunt of agreement as he pulled gently from the sanctuary of her body. After one last kiss to her lips, he pushed off her body and rolled to the side, allowing his body to flop down on the ground at her side.
 Staring at the clear sky, he quietly soaked in the sun as he tried desperately to get his
emotions and body under control. Minutes went by as they both shared the space in silence. That
is, until Paul felt a sharp pain in his ass, causing him to yelp. Immediately, he jumped up and
turned in circles, trying to see the source of his pain.
 “I think a bee just stung me in the ass.”
 Laughter filled his ears as his mate fell over in a gale of giggles. Tears streamed down her
cheeks as the mirth broke from her body.
 “This isn't funny. I think the stinger is still stuck in there.”
 Her laughter renewed as she clutched her sides. If he weren't in so much pain, he would have
taken the time to enjoy the sounds of her laughter. After a few minutes, Donna settled enough to
move to her knees and motion for him turn around.
 “I don't see anything. Where’d that big bad bee sting you?”
 Pointing to the affected area, Paul stared straight ahead, waiting for the pain he knew was to
come as she pulled the stinger out. Luckily, he wasn't allergic or this situation would have gone from funny to dire. The feel of her full lips on his ass took him by surprise. Turning to look over
his shoulder, he caught just enough of a glimpse of her kissing his ass before she pulled away
and rose to her feet.
 “There, all better.”
 “I have something else that hurts. Do you wanna kiss it better?” Wiggling his eyebrows
suggestively, Paul turned to face her as his cock started to come alive again.
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