Friday, June 28, 2013


Hello Readers,
My special guest today is romance author, Christina Cole. She has a very special topic to talk about, something that's dear to every woman's heart, and especially mine since my own anniversary is coming up July 16th. Yes, the hubs and I will be married thirty-seven years on that date. We plan to celebrate by going to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, and on to Branson, Missouri. I always search for candle shops when I'm on a trip. I love discovering new fragrances. Of course, I hit the candy shops too. So readers, leave a comment and share with us how many years you've been married and your special plans for your next anniversary...

I’d like to thank Tabitha -- or “Tabs” as many of us affectionately call her -- for inviting me to be her guest today. I truly enjoy gadding about and visiting with other writers in this vast cyberspace known as the “blogosphere”.
Note: If you really want to have a good laugh, check out the Urban Dictionary and its definitions for “blogosphere”.
But, I I so often do.
Usually when I “guest” at a blog, I’m asked to write about writing. Dear, sweet Tabs, however, gave me complete freedom of choice. I could write about whatever I wanted, she said.
And today, I don’t want to write about writing.
I have enough writing to do later, so before I get busy working -- and make no mistake about it, writing is work, even though it’s something we authors love to do -- I’m going to play a little, and I’m hoping a few readers might join in the fun and help me out a bit.
Here’s the deal. Anniversary time is coming up. Hubby and I do have tickets to see one of our favorite musicals at a dinner-theatre, but we’ve also been thinking of trips we might take, special places we might go, things we might want to do to celebrate our anniversary.
To me, any time and any place can be romantic if you’re with the one you truly love. Yet I’m willing to concede that there are certain things that add to the romantic atmosphere. My list of “romantic props” would include candlelight, exotic fragrances -- jasmine, musk, frankincense, nag champa -- and classical music. Or maybe a bit of ambient “space” music. I’ve always loved rainstorms, and I think being snowbound could be very romantic under the right circumstances -- meaning plenty of food and necessities on hand, and no pressing obligations. Fireplaces are romantic, and so are campfires, if you ask me. Deserted stretches of beach...oh, yes. Hard to find, though. I also think strolling hand in hand, watching the sun go down, and going on picnics are all very romantic things to do. And flowers! How could I forget about flowers? Little surprises are always romantic, too. A gift doesn’t have to be expensive to express love. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that best show our feelings, I think.
As far as romantic places...I’d have to say Paris, most definitely. Maybe Venice, although I’ve heard it actually stinks...LOL. With my warped psyche, I’ve always thought there was something romantic about “the Badlands”, and for some reason I’d love to visit Quebec someday.
How about you? What places in this world do you consider “most romantic”? And if you’re more of a “stay-home-to-celebrate” sort of lover, what makes a night romantic for you? Is chocolate required? Wine? Strawberries? Steak? Fresh-baked cookies?
Please share your thoughts and help us make this anniversary a very special one.

About Christina:

Christina fell in love with words when she was very long, and it’s been life-long love affair. She’s published poetry, essays, short stories, inspirational pieces, confession stories, and several full-length historical romance novels. Her latest release is “Happily Ever After”, published by Sweet Cravings Publishing, and she will have a new title, “Summertime”, coming out in August.
You can visit Christina at her website,  Christina Cole’s Love Notes.  


Tabitha Shay said...

TY so much for being my guest today! What a wonderful post. Hugs...

Christina Cole said...

Hi, Tabs! Thanks for letting me visit your blog today...and happy upcoming anniversary to you, too!

Manda Ward said...

Lovely post. How would I celebrate my anniversary. For my wedding anniversary this year we will be away in the wilds of Scotland. Each year has been different. In my fantasy I would like to celebrate it on a sun kissed beach, warm water lapping at my feet. Reading a fabulous book, eating amazing food and of course having my shoulders massaged by hubby. Failing that could someone arrange for Richard Armitage to whisk me away?

Tamara Hoffa said...

I will be married 31 years in November. I have visited many romantic places, Paris, Grand Cayman, Jamaica,Scottsdale Arizona was beautiful too.
But some of my favorite anniversaries we rented a plush hotel room right here in town. In room jacuzzi,Lovely smelling bath salts, massage oil, candles, some wine and cheese and definitely chocolate!

Christina Cole said...

Wow...what well-traveled ladies you are! I've been as far as Seattle to the west, and to New York on the east, Texas to the south, and Minnesota to the north, but I've never left the states.

I truly believe that we can make our own romantic moments wherever we are, but it would certainly be nice to make a few of those moments in faraway places.

Maybe that's one reason why I enjoy reading romance novels! I can always travel to Scotland, or England, or Italy and dream about love and romance.

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.