Monday, July 21, 2014


Hi Everyone,
Every Tuesday, a small group of authors get together and post a few snippets from a WIP. It's fun, plus it lets the author know how well her work is progressing. This week's word is BLOOM...Feel free to leave a comment. Yes, authors love comments too...Hope you enjoy this weeks excerpt from a WIP, a paranormal titled A Cut Above the Rest.

Continuing the tale of the Gray sisters...

 Ginger Gray knew the moment she completed the infamous Y-cut down the center of the masculine chest stretched before her on the autopsy table, and the corpse opened its eyes—it was going to be a bad night at Gray Mortuary. “Oh my Aunt Fannie’s garters,” she declared in a slow Georgia drawl.
Unable to take her eyes off the splendid male body before her, she drew a quivering breath, then took a cautious step back from the fresh cadaver, a fresh cadaver, who was staring at her as if she was a fresh bloom waiting to be plucked. 
Gray Mortuary—where all things go bump in the night.
But this? This was impossible.
She swallowed back the urge to scream. Heck, it wasn't fair. She shouldn't even be here, let alone standing here gaping at a naked, blinking corpse. It wasn't happening. Her imagination must be working overtime, just like she was—or else that last glass of wine she indulged in at dinner before dear ole’ dad placed his call to her, contained more alcohol than she thought.
Nope, it was her imagination—else the freaking body had nerves twitching all over the place.
She blamed the twins. If they hadn't been determined to go to that blasted Halloween party, she’d be home curled up with a good Jaydyn Chelcee novel. She didn't know which twin placed the call to their father begging him for the rest of the night off and suggesting Ginger fill their shoes since she never had a date on Friday night, he caved, as usual.
“It’s my night off, damn it,” she shouted, purely in self-defense to no avail. She didn't know if she was screaming at the breathing corpse or the room in general.
It didn't matter if what her sister said was true and Ginger never had a date on Friday night, she still wanted and deserved her time off. But like her father, she always gave in when it came to the younger twins and their demands. They weren't bad girls. They weren't always selfish or expected things their way. Ginger snorted. No, what they expected was every weekend off!
They loved pulling practical jokes on her. This waking corpse was right down their alley, especially since it was Halloween. It was a joke. Yeah-yeah. Maybe one of her sisters, one of the other set of twins, either Scotlyn or Irelyn suggested this horrible prank to the younger twins and knowing them, they went along with the idea and decided to pull a fast one on her.
Scotlyn and Irelyn were two years younger than her. They were as big a pranksters as Kadence and Kennadee. They were probably inside this big old building in a room somewhere with a monitor and watching her reaction. 
She took a quick second to scan the room for a video camera but didn't spot one. They loved to catch her unaware and pull some crazy stunt, like the time they glued a brain to a tray. It didn't matter than the brain was fake. She thought it was real at the time.
Oh, but this was unacceptable.
She was a professional, and being one required a certain, a–a certain flair—a–a certain— “Oh! Oh, crap, don’t get up, Mister Corpse,” she cried, startled to see him rise and perch on the side of the autopsy table.
Ahh, but, Mister Corpse wasn't listening.
“I see dead people,” Ginger breathed. “I don’t see live people on my exam table. I never see live people on my exam table. They don’t blink their eyes. They don’t breathe. They don’t sit up.”
 Except for this one time—


Flossie Benton Rogers said...

Love the excerpt and the humor. Can't wait to see what happens next! What a predicament for her.

Tabitha Shay said...

TY, Flossie...Poor woman doesn't know what to think or believe....Her eyes tell her one thing and her mind tells her another and she knows how wicked her sisters

V.L. Locey said...

I have to agree with Flossie, it`s quite the predicament!

Tabitha Shay said...

Lol....Thx for stopping by, Vicki...You ever paint your characters into a corner, then wonder how you'll get them out?....haha...

S.E said...

You are really good with humor.

Tabitha Shay said...

TY. S.E.....I

Iris Blobel said...

Loved it, the Eerieness mixed with the humour - perfect! Well done.