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Suburban Demon Review

Amanda from Dark Divas awarded Suburban Demon with the highest rating, 5 divas! Here's what she had to say. Click here to read the original review.

Summary: Life sucks for Liz, a Repere demon from Philadelphia. Banished to the suburbs of South Jersey, she has to clean-up a clan of teenage, zit-faced vampires. If that isn’t bad enough, Max, demon-hater and rival vampire slayer, follows her pointed ears across the Delaware River just to torment her in her exile.

Max has a problem. The love of his life isn’t human. And her recent banishment only makes him think about her more. He finds himself paired with the sexy demon fighting to save horny, high school kids from sharp, vampire fangs.

Together, they stumble upon a heap of undead trouble. A master vampire created a super clan comprised of the oldest, most powerful vampires from Philly, Baltimore, and New York. Liz and Max, the newest vampire slayers in the suburbs, are the number one target.

My Review: I love when a kick ass Demon Vampire slayer and her human counterpart come together in whirlwind of naked bodies and death blows. Laura Herbertson’s action packed Urban Fantasy had me rooting for our heroes.

We first meet Liz trailing a bunch of teenage vamps through the suburban outskirts of South Jersey. While stationed behind a tree with the smell of overcooked rotating hot dogs permeating the air effectively cutting off her sense of where her little vamp kiddies went. She scans the area and we soon find that Max is right there with her, like he had been for the past year.

Of course, we know wherever you find the evil little blood sucking vamps they most likely are up to no good. Let’s face it, teen vamps with their teen hormones just can’t help themselves.(Yeah right) As Liz and Max successfully take down the group of teens, Liz with her empathy spares the only remaining vamp in hopes of finding his master and ending the reign of terror he has caused for this little community.

Closed in together for the night while waiting for the Master Vamp to show, Max makes it known that he wants Liz, always has, always will. With their little tryst in the bathroom leaving the room and myself steamy, we find our little vamp friend has escaped and it is up to them to find the vamp and take down the Master.

Let’s get the negative out of the way first; why oh why couldn’t this be longer Mrs. Herbertson? Why did you have to cut it off when everything was getting good? I found myself in a trance as I read this story and before I could even say wow, this is good, it was over, I felt lost. (*laugh’s*)

Okay, now on to what I like...EVERYTHING! I liked how she described the vamps “crumbling” as they were staked or beheaded, I liked the witty banter between Liz and Max and I absolutely adored her ability to show each character’s vulnerability. I liked the way she didn’t drag out each characters feelings, she made them determined to fit together no matter what.

Liz is a very strong Demon and in such, I was happy she played her that way, and I have to say I also loved the fact that she gave Liz almost a motherly quality. I can honestly say what a breath of fresh air it is to see a strong woman; demon or what have you demanding that she also have her turn at the action.

I liked that Max, an alpha in his own right, doesn’t use his abilities to hold Liz back, he knows that she is his equal and treats her as such. We see his feelings pour through his hard shell and consume him as he takes her against the sink of the hotel bathroom, and although he may choose the wrong use of words for what happens, you know he liked it and you know he would do it again.

All and all, I was very happy with this story, although it was short and I would have liked it to be longer, the length of the story was enough to weave a wonderful tale of a Demon and her warrior king!

Rated 5 Delightful Divas and a Recommended Read by Amanda

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