Friday, March 22, 2013

Special Guest Today Is Lynn Rae!

Hello Readers,
Please welcome, Lynn Rae, romance author extraordinaire. Leave her a comment. Yes, we authors love to know someone dropped by to scope us out...Today we're doing a short interview, so enjoy...

Blurb for Bent Boot Road:
Lydia Back has problems; a dead end job cataloging artifacts no one wants to see, an office in a dusty basement storage room, and she’s just discovered that her friend is missing.  Adding to her frustration is the arrival of a too-charming private investigator who needs her help.
Carter Harris has no problems; he has his own successful business and is enjoying a few days in a scenic southern Ohio town to gather information on a missing professor.  But his local contact turns out to be an uncooperative woman who prefers traipsing around the forest to having a civilized conversation with him.
While working together, they begin to uncover the secrets that lurk under the surface of other people’s lives and also discover an inconvenient attraction.  When danger looms, Carter and Lydia realize it will be impossible to survive without each other.

Interview Q & A:

What are you listening to when you write?
Right now I am loving the Hanna movie soundtrack by the Chemical Brothers, and the soundtrack to Girl With a Dragon Tattoo by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.  They are both electronic instrumentals without distracting vocals.
How long does it take to write a book?
Four to five months for 70,000 words or so in a not-too-rough draft. If I put forth an effort I can do a read-through and fix major problems in about two to three weeks.  Some stories just need to sit a while before I go back in and really work on them.


Tabitha Shay said...

Welcome, Lynn,
Love your title and cover....Best of luck...Tabs

Anonymous said...

Great blurb. Love the cover!! :)

Lynn Rae said...

Thanks everyone! And thanks to you Tabs for hosting me.

Marva Dasef said...

This sounds like it's got a solid mystery plot to go with the romance side.