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Today's Special Guest, Romance Author, Paloma Beck!

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Paloma Beck is a Romance Author living a life of contradiction... she's a happily married carpooling mom writing erotic romance. It's almost naughty! Paloma writes in both the Contemporary and Paranormal realms, journaling the stories her characters tell her, and they are anything but PG. She dabbles in vampires, witches, menage, spanking and bdsm - all in her books, of course. Paloma believes a daily dose of espresso and a good book make any day better.
Vanished Pride (The Seven Sin Sisters 4)
Placing Paige ever so gently onto their bed, Donovan lay beside her anank from her lips. He used a gentle touch, working her mouth in a tender and reassuring kiss. He needed simply to join with her in every way possible and he wanted to savor every moment along the way. He felt their connection reach out and bind them together as her body melted against him. She eagerly took everything he offered.
Donovan pulled away to look at her. She was still in her gown, a magnificent traditional red gown that had the shimmering hue of purple, her favorite color. Her breast peaked from the top, the corset style design pushing them further up so they spilled out slightly. He ran his hand along her leg and felt the sheer fabric hanging lower than the shorter silk skirting underneath. The fabric was soft to touch, but he was seeking her skin.
“I want to make love to you in your gown.” Donovan spoke as he moved down slowly to lift her layers of skirting up, bringing it to her waist and exposing the tiniest scrap of purple lace. A soft growl emanated from his chest. He simply couldn’t hold it back as his eyes feasted on her ivory skin decorated with this sexy piece of lace. “What you do to me, Paige.”
“You affect me the same,” Paige responded as she watched him through her lowered lashes. He could see the lust in her eyes and hoped his own desire was reflected back at her.
Donovan massaged Paige’s thighs, slowly circling his thumb closer to her panties. Her muscles grew relaxed just as he knew they would. He worked her legs farther and farther apart, then placed his palms on either side of her panties, gently running his thumbs under the elastic. Paige sighed at the sensation and Donovan moved progressively closer to where she needed him most. Her sighs turned to moans as sensations turned hotter and Donovan leaned down to kiss directly over her clit. Only her panties were between them.
“Take them off, Donovan,” Paige encouraged him.
He moved them aside and puffed a breath of air onto her slick folds. Paige trembled and, needing the touch as much as she did, Donovan slipped two fingers into the tiny panties and drew them down her legs. Yes, he could’ve willed them away with his power, but tonight he wanted his mate in the purest form. For tonight, he’d set his powers aside.
“I find myself hungry,” Donovan spoke in a rough voice as he kissed his way back up her legs. He returned to her unrestricted core. He could see every delicious part of his mate. She was wet and slick for him. Her desire so evident, Donovan wanted to scream out his good fortune.


·         Lustful Cravings, Seven Sin Sisters, book one (8/2012)

·         Eternal Envy, Seven Sin Sisters, book t10/ 2012)

·         Holiday Gem, Seven Sin Sisters, book thr2012)
·         Vanished Pride, Seven Sin Sisters, book four (2/2013)
·         Frozen Fury, Seven Sin Sisters, book five (anticipated 4/2013)
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