Friday, March 29, 2013

Today's Special Guest, The Very Talented, Janet Elizabeth Jones!

Hello Readers,
Do I have a treat for you today. Please welcome romance author, Janet Elizabeth Jones. Not only is the lady a super author, but she also builds web sites and designed both of mine. I'm so honored to have her here today, so please leave Janet a comment for a chance to win a copy of Revenant, a wonderful vampire romance by Janet, you won't want to miss.

From modern vampire tales to Victorian historicals to epic fantasy, Janet writes a wide range of romance for adults and teens. Her favorite thing about writing romance is creating evocative characters who are deep, passionate, tender and vulnerable in their heart of hearts, whether they are a self-reliant, autonomous heroine who knows who she is or an uber-powerful vampire who kills to protect his family of fledglings.
Janet's interests include history, German, building computers, reading, web design, creating digital art, composing digital music, and playing MMOs. Since 2004, she has provided web design services for fellow authors and other professionals in the publishing industry. She currently partners with The Author's Secret to provide ebook conversion services and cover art.
Talisen Rudyard is determined to honor her late grandmother's memory by finishing the unwritten chapter of the Rudyard family history. To do so, she must unravel the secret that has eluded generations of Benedikts and Rudyards alike: the fate of eighteenth-century sea captain Arthur Ellory Benedikt, who vanished on the night of his wedding to her distant ancestor, over two hundred years ago.
Having grown up with her grandmother's stories about heroic Captain Benedikt, Talisen has come to feel a passion for him no other man has ever inspired, in spite of the centuries that separate his lifetime from hers. But facing the truth about his alleged disappearance could break her heart. Eyewitness accounts claim Benedikt turned up in Europe only weeks after he vanished, that he was seen in the company of a mysterious noblewoman. Talisen can't bear the thought that the larger-than-life hero of her dreams could be so faithless.
From the moment Ellory meets Talisen, he aches to prove her love for him is deserved. He longs to be that man for her, the one and only man who holds her heart. But how can she love him once she learns the price she must pay for the truth she's seeking?
That her beloved Captain Benedikt is alive--and a vampire.

She might come to love him. It could happen. But how many years did they have together? One mortal lifetime. He shook from head to toe. Not enough. Not nearly enough to begin to love her the way he wanted to.
Desolation devoured him at the thought of giving her up. Oh, it would be so easy to turn her. A night never to be forgotten, feasting on one another, and he'd have her forever.
No. He curled his lip. He really was a monster, if he could consider such a thing. Drag her down into the darkness with him? Never. She was his sun. He would be her moon. That was enough for him. He would make it be enough. And when he had to let her go, he'd walk into the morning and simply cease to be. By then, his fledglings would be old enough to survive without him.
Come what may, he would have order in his house, if not peace. The fledglings would accept Talisen. And Talisen would accept whatever was necessary to keep her safe. They'd all learn to live together, or they'd fragment into easy prey for the likes of Dylan. Beginning tonight. None of them would like what he had to do, least of all Talisen. But at least she would be safe.
Right now what she needed from him was honesty.
He reached into the refrigerator for a bottle of mineral water, opened it and took it to her. Setting it on the table, he crouched by her chair and seized on the uppermost question that hovered in her mind. She wouldn't be human if she didn't wonder. "Though you're probably not going to ask, yes, I have killed humans."
She sipped the water slowly. "Why did you kill them?"
"Does it matter?"
"Does to me."
"Necessity demanded it." He returned to his chair with a heavy sigh. "I am motivated by two things. Feeding and protecting my domain. That is my world. That is what I am. You can't measure my behavior by human standards. Among vampires, there is only the common Law of the Mark: what I make mine will remain mine, and I'll kill to keep it that way."
He folded his hands in front of him on the table and watched her beautiful face for signs of contempt.
Her eyes glistened like green glass. He watched a tear roll down her cheek and could hardly keep from touching it. She wiped it away less gently than he would have done. "I'm sorry."
He blinked. "What?"
"I figure I'm the first human who's had the chance to tell you that, so I'm saying it. I'm sorry it happened to you. And I'm sorry you have to live like this." Her face crinkled, and she put a hand on her chest. "I'm not saying I can handle it, but I know if it happened to me, the first thing I'd want somebody to say to me is, 'I'm so sorry.'"
Disbelief made him tremble. He couldn't make a sound, so he just stared at her. Over two hundred years of estrangement from humanity, and she'd just made an effort to erase it. With sympathy. The last thing he expected.
He reached across the table and took her hand in both of his, bending over her palm to kiss it. "If I live a thousand years, Talisen Rudyard, I'll never deserve you."
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Tabitha Shay said...

Welcome, Janet,
I'm so thrilled to have you for my guest today. I love your cover and loved the blurb and excerpt.Good luck!

Janet Elizabeth Jones said...

Thank you so, so much, Tabitha! :D
It's so good to be here today.
Woohoo, let's roll out the chocolate!

paulab said...

Hey there, Janet! Imagine finding you here! Your book sounds fascinating. I just may have to read a bit more :-). For sure, I'm standing in line for some of that chocolate.
Wishing you much success and many sales,

Janet Elizabeth Jones said...

Hey Paula! :D Thank you so much for taking time to drop by and say hello!

You and Tabs mean the world to me.

Kathleen Ann Gallagher's Place to Reflect said...

Hi Janet!

I love the premise of your story. Super congrats! The cover is great too!

Wishing you many sales!