Saturday, November 28, 2009


Dear Readers,

Today, and once again DH and his friend Bill hit the woods in search of that almighty buck with all those points they're itching to shoot.

The thing is, they leave the house about 5 a.m. and I'm expecting them to be gone all day, after all, their hunting was torn up a day for Thanksgiving. But by golly, they were back home by eleven-thirty. Seems it was too windy to hunt. I guess when the wind's blowing, the deer don't travel, either that, or the mighty hunters bullets get blown off-target!

So, their theory was to let the wind settle and they'd go back to the woods about two-thirty. Again, they left anf again, they're back home hours before dark. Really, I think they just like to drive up and down the highway in orange vests and hats and pretend to hunt. It's a man thing...

Anyway, dh comes in and he's sooo upset. They didn't see a single deer.I'm thinking yeah, I know why, because the deer are too smart to commit vehicular suicide. THEY'RE IN THE WOODS!!!

Now I tell ya, dh is very upset, but not nearly as upset as Bill, who has started threatening to shoot the peanut butter off the trees to punish the deer for not jumping in front of a bullet for him...Of course, he claimed it's just so he can say he got to shoot his gun, but I know peanut butter abuse when I see it....Poor deer, poor trees, poor peanut butter!

Happy Hunting,

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