Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Hi Readers,

This kind of news isn't one a person gets to announce very often, but I'm so happy and thrilled to share with everyone the news that my daughter is expecting a little bundle of joy.

This news in itself isn't that big a deal. Right? But the other news to go along with this is the fact that her daughter is expecting as well. Too cool!

Now the major news!! Woo Hoo!!! They're both having their babies the first week of June.

Yes!! They're trying to make an old woman out of me, but I refuse to give in gracefully, although I'll be both a grandmother and great-grandmother at the same time.

As you will recall, the big addition to my family almost two years ago were my twin grandsons, Chance and Keiffer...

These days, babies in my family seem to arrive in twos...aren't I blessed???

No matter, babies are always a blessing and root out a place in our hearts and make it their home.

So please join me in welcoming into my family, two delightful bundles of joy due in the spring of 2010.



s7anna said...

Many Blessings upon you and your loved ones Connie. This is such happy and exciting news. I'm absolutely thrilled for you.

Tabitha Shay said...

TY, Anna,
I appreciate you taking the time to comment...It is exciting times to you...Connie/Tabs

Ginger Simpson said...

You may be blessed, but I'm certain the grandchildren are. How wonderful to be brought into a world where such love awaits you.

Congratulations, my friend.

Maggie Dove said...

Hi Tabs,

Congratulations on your wonderful news! I wanted to comment when I saw that your grandkid's name is Keiffer, that my newphew who is now about 33 has a friend (also a twin)whose last name is Keiffer and whose father was Donald Sutherland's roommate in the 60's or 70's...I'm not sure if it was in college or afterwards...anyway at the time Donald Sutherland was a starving actor and they became the best of friends so Donald named is first born Keiffer Sutherland, using his roommate's last name!

Tabitha Shay said...

Hey Ginger,
Thanks for commenting. Yes, there's nothing more special than a new baby in the family. I look at my kids, my grandkids and even the greats and I know after I'm gone, there's a little piece of me that goes could one not love this wonderful event?....Tabs

Tabitha Shay said...

Ooh, Maggie,
Thanks for sharing that story. I have long been a fan of the Sutherlands...both father and son...If I'm not mistaken, I think Keifer has a twin as well...a sister???....Tabs

Trent Kinsey said...

Great news Tabs! Congrats to all!